Gail is a strappy mid-heel style with similar crystal and beaded embellishment, and is a good choice for traditional gowns. This is also a good time to ensure that all of the shoes are consistently dyed, and that no obvious color mismatches have occurred.

Peep-toed shoes are very popular and ideal for both formal and more casual ceremonies, and are a great choice for contemporary events. Some brides may prefer a shoe fabric that is complementary to the gown finish, while others may opt for the same finish for both gown and shoes. By following a few simple guidelines, you can ensure the shoes you select will help the members of your wedding party put their best foot forward. Interior or artificial light may make shoes appear a different shade. Owing to their immense popularity Peeps, as they are often called, are available in many styles, including high-heels, like Michele and Sugar, low-heels like Paige, or flats, like Ashley.Planning the perfect wedding takes a considerable amount of time, energy and, yes, hard-earned money, so it is no wonder why you want every detail to be just right. Fabric Manufacturer Ballet flats like Brenna Satin Manufacturer or Ballet are good choices for both traditional and non-traditional ceremonies and work well with most themes, while Leanne and Joy offer high-heeled alternatives. Marly is another good option for contemporary ceremonies, featuring a toe-thong slip-on design sparkling with lines of highly polished rhinestones. And, like peeps, sandals are offered in a surprisingly wide variety of styles, including both high-heels and flats. If your dresses involve a mutli-color pattern, choose a single color from the pattern to coordinate beautifully with your dresses. Depending upon the style and colors of your wedding, you want to choose a style and color of shoe that will pull the entire look together and add the perfect finishing touch.

With so many styles and embellishments to choose from, coordinating your bridesmaids shoes with their dresses has never been easier.

Of course, closed toe shoes are the traditional choice for both bride and bridesmaids. Selecting the bridesmaids gowns that are in the style and color you want is only part of your task. Willow is a traditionally styled high-heeled style, featuring a wedge heel and central strap embellished with a glittering T-strap ending in a teardrop design.

Other popular peep-toe options include the slip-on style Sandy, a stylish cross between a peep-toe formal shoe and a more casual heeled sandal.

For a more contemporary twist, consider Yvette, offering two rows of rhinestones, including a diagonal strap across the mid-foot.

While dyeing shoes has always been an option, until recently the styles of dyeable shoes has been limited, meaning you were often restricted in creating the look you wanted to achieve. Makenzie also features a rhinestone brooch for an extra touch of sparkle. But today, dyeable shoes are offered in a vast range of styles, with options for both bridesmaids and flower girls, so every member of your bridal party can be fashion forward. For instance, a shoe with a reflective, finish, like satin, is more likely to reflect light than a matte, silk-like finish, which is more likely to absorb light. Shellie offers a scalloped edge and cutaway sides, making them an excellent choice for gowns featuring sweetheart necklines. Coordinating the look of your bridal party is a big part of the wedding planning process. Based on a classic Maryjane style, flirtatious Tyler features a mid-foot strap in addition to the peep-toe opening. Both Kitty and Mackenzie are peep-toed slingbacks offering additional fabric details on the uppers. In fact, because of shade variations that can occur in the dyeing process, it is often a better idea to dye shoes a complementary color or a lighter or darker shade of the gown color to avoid frustration that can occur when dyed shoes do not precisely match gown color. Casual or garden-style weddings can benefit from a simple flat sandal like Christy, with its simple, classic pearl embellishment. Some peeps feature attractive embellishments.

Coordinating your bridal party shoes with the bridesmaid dresses is fairly simple, but there are a few guidelines to bear in mind when choosing the dyeing process.

Once you have selected the shade and fabric for your shoes, you can determine the style that would be the best complement to your gowns or theme. First, remember that you do not have to dye the shoes the same color as the dresses.

Next, be sure to look at the dyed shoes in natural light several days before your ceremony to ensure a good match. Shoe choice is also important.

Finally, the shoe fabric can play a role in how the dye color is perceived. Both types of fabric can offer a markedly different appearance, even when dyed the same shade. Juliane offers a criss-cross upper, while Dara features a bow and crystal embellishment.